Is Digitised Hospitality for the Travel & Leisure Market the Next Big Thing?

Digitised Hospitality is fast becoming the way forward for the Travel and Leisure Industry!

Travel is already becoming easier for consumers, with many hotel chains automating check-in for example. Mobile Apps will increasingly become tightly woven into the hotel experience with consumers using their smartphones to check-in, access their rooms and unlock the hotels reservoir of services!

Customer relationship Management (CRM) software and marketing automation will increasingly help hotels send out personalised messages etc. The need to create digitised media that will sell the “experience” of staying in these hotels or travel itineraries in a visual way will also become important for the travel market, since so much visual content is being consumed on a daily basis via social media and video platforms.

For any Travel or Leisure company interested to learn more on how this is impacting the industry and how to take advantage of this new immersive technology, i am offering a FREE initial Consultation via Skype or Web Conference to show you how to incorporate this strategy into your business!