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Email Marketing


Reach your potential customers with targeted email campaigns

We provide an effective email marketing campaign to help capture leads and build a positive relationship with prospective clients to ensure repeat business. We will then be able to send out weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletters to your customers providing information on any new product or service launches or special promotions you may have in order to entice existing customers back for repeat business.

Our Email marketing services include:

  • Data capture through opt-in online forms – Email marketing works best when you target individuals who are interested in your product or service. We can help setup your website to gather relevant email addresses of people that get in touch with you via various web forms, like a form to request a quote, download a brochure or buy a product for example.
  • Lead Management – We can setup your website to gather these email addresses in a email marketing system and even group them into different categories.
  • Template Design – We help you have an email template that matches your brand and is visually appealing. Our designers can develop email templates ensuring the design catches the eye of their audience.
  • Reporting – Measuring the performance of your campaigns is the most important part and it’s easy too. The email marketing system shows fantastic real-time reports which allow you to see exactly how well each campaign has performed.